A Mother’s Day Gift Mom (+ Grandma) Will Actually Love…

lf - family kayaking

12 sunrises until Mother’s Day – here’s some Mom wisdom on what we really want:

1. Relaxed time w/ our family.
2. Activities that are fun, rather than stuff that becomes clutter.
3. Experiences in the great outdoors – terrific for reducing stress!
4. Frugal choices by our kids + partners; money = life energy, so spend it wisely!

Keeping all that in mind, there’s good news: we’ve got a perfect Mother’s Day gift that will make you look like a rock star:

Registration for Mom (+ Grandma) to Raft-a-Palooza at LakeFest 2014 (Sun. 8/3)!

It’s just $5 per boat until Memorial Day, provides a great opportunity to make family memories + history (as part of a Guinness World Record attempt), takes place at beautiful Endicott Rock Park on Lake Winnipesaukee + will be a remarkably fun day among great people.

Click here to register today!