LakeFest is HERE! Check-in Opens Sat. 9/7 @ 7:00 am!

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We had a terrific afternoon/evening of LakeFest Early Bird Registration/Check-in, and can’t wait to welcome you to LakeFest starting at 7:00 am on Sat. 9/7!  Save time by pre-registering for the Guinness World Record attempt at LakeFest: Hands Across the Water at Weirs Beach; click here to register online now – just $20 per BOAT.  Online registration is open until right before the Guinness raft forms – remember you still need to CHECK IN at Registration once you’ve registered online.

Important Links

Latest LakeFest E-News – get the 411 on what’s happening at LakeFest!

Event Day Info. – including FAQs, directions + parking Info.

NH Lakes Association (NH LAKES) – learn more about the vital year-round work of nonprofit NH LAKES.

New Clean, Drain, and Dry! Protocol – be sure your boat is compliant before Saturday; read up on the new protocol today.

Click here for a 1-page printable overview of LakeFest

Click here for the detailed Event Day instructions.

If you have questions or need more information, call 603-226-0299 or
Renting Your Canoe or Kayak?  
If you reserved a canoe or kayak rental when registering online, go directly to the AKWA MARINA launch site (1/4 mile north of Weirs Beach Blvd.) on Sat. 9/7 to pick up your boat and check-in for the Guinness World Record attempt.  Registration and check-in at AKWA opens at7:00 am on Sat. 9/7. **RENTAL BOATS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO RESERVED IN ADVANCE** When departing LakeFest, ALL event attendees are welcome at the brand new Akwa Marina Beach Bar, where food + drink specials await. Enjoy the elegant surroundings with unsurpassed lakeside ambiance. Akwa Marina Beach Bar is open11:30 am – 9:00 pm, and their food is farm fresh.

Rafting Event Information 
When you check in (Event Day Registration opens at 7:00 am at all 3 official launch sites) you will be given important “bracelets”, please do not misplace these!

Blue Clean, Drain & Dry Bracelet: identifies participants who have registered and signed a waiver. All passengers in your vessel must wear this bracelet to enter the rafting area.

Numbered Tyvek Bracelet: Each boat captain will receive two of these bracelets marked with the same number. Please wear one and attach the other to your boat.

Arriving at Endicott Rock Park, Weirs Beach
If you opt to launch from the Festival location at Weirs Beach (one of 3 official launch sites), please follow these guidelines to keep things moving smoothly:

1. Pull into the Drop Off lane – volunteer greeters will give you a set of 2 Tyvek bracelets with the same number – 1 is for your wrist, place the other on your boat. Your boat will be left in a designated color area while you go park at the Lobster Pound.

2. Stop at Registration/Check-in when you arrive back at LakeFest. You MUST check-in to receive your blue bracelet.  You MUST be wearing the blue bracelet to gain entry to the raft zone.

3. After checking in, pick up your canoe or kayak + make your way down the ramp to the Boat Inspection station.

4. When you’re done at Boat Inspection, park your canoe or kayak in a numbered row on the beach.


Rafting  Schedule (Sat. 9/7)

7:00 am – Registration & Check in Opens at all three launches
(Endicott Rock Park, Akwa Marina & Hesky Park, Meredith Bay)

8:30 am – Meredith Bay paddle tour leaves Hesky Park to the rafting area at Weirs Beach

9:00 am – On Your Mark! 
All canoes and kayaks make their way onto the water and into the rafting area.

10:00 am – Get Set!
The MS Mount Washington departs its slip and sounds it horn

10:01 am – GO!
All canoes and kayaks should be in the rafting area and ready to make our attempt.

10:15 am – CELEBRATE!
After the alarm sounds celebrating a job well done, please make your way out of the rafting area and to Endicott Rock Beach to join the on-land Festival (which is free + open to the public – enjoy live music, educational displays, games, activities, canoe + kayak sales, + more).