3 Ways to Help LakeFest in 3 Minutes

3 minutes

You’re busy, so we’ll be quick.  Excitement is growing for Sat. 9/7’s LakeFest – from the Guinness World Record attempt to the family-friendly fun and educational offerings in the Festival area – it’s going to be great.  But we REALLY want to capture that Guinness World Record for NH, while spreading the critical word about the new Clean, Drain + Dry! protocol to protect NH’s lakes – we’re aiming for 2,000 canoes + kayaks.  That’s a lot of boats, and we need your help!  Please take just 3 minutes to spread the LakeFest word in one (or all!) of these ways:

1. Click this LakeFest event on Facebook then: a) select the option to indicate you’re GOING, b) click the INVITE FRIENDS icon with the envelope, put checks next to any friends who enjoy the beach, water, paddling, live music, family fun, etc. – after you’ve checked all of your friends, click SAVE at the bottom of that box.

2. Click here to download a LakeFest flyer (or 5 or 10…), print them out, and pin up at your workplace, favorite coffee shop, local school, post office, gym, library, etc.  You can also click here for a 1-page overview of LakeFest.

3. Using Twitter, Facebook, email (friends/family/colleagues/neighbors), text, telephone, fax, face-to-face chats, or whatever communication method(s) you prefer, send a message something like this (feel free to copy + paste):

“I’m really excited about LakeFest on Sat. 9/7 at Weirs Beach; it’s a fun, family-friendly education + entertainment event featuring a Guinness World Record attempt for largest raft of canoes + kayaks. Rental boats are available by pre-registering; I hope to see you there! Learn more + register today by visiting: www.nhlakefest.org.” 

That’s it!  If everyone takes just 3 minutes to help spread the LakeFest word, we’re bound to nab that Guinness World Record, and spread vital information about how to protect NH’s lakes from aquatic nuisance species using the new Clean, Drain + Dry! protocol.  Thanks so much for your help; we’ll see you at LakeFest!